My Pocket Dungeon allows you to be the master of your own pixel dungeon.

Made in the Godot engine : github source

Development log


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The idea is funny, but I noticed that the hero doesn't really react to the "direction buttons".


Tried it, is this a Neural network? Cuz I'm quite lost how to play this, I can hit the button to add stuff but other than that I dunno what is going on here! :)


Real potential here! Sadly I can't bring myself to keep playing. I've been playing around with it a bit but one big thing is keeping me from continuing, the AI. It really seems like the slimes and heroes are just wandering aimlessly and things only happen when they randomly bump into each other. Having them actively hunt each other or even the heroes trying to make it to the chests without running into slimes while the slimes hunt the heroes would be awesome. I'll be following, hope you keep working on it, it really has some potential to be a really amusing game!